About Us

In the heart of a charming town, Rampur, where the pace is steady as the breeze, Faiz and Bareera embark on a journey to redefine headwear. Faiz, armed with his MBA and a fervent passion for caps, teams up with his wife, Bareera, whose MTech degree brings precision and innovation to their vision. 
Their brand, BnF, where 'B' stands for Bareera and 'F' stands for Faiz, emerges from their shared belief that headwear should not only be stylish but also reflect premium quality craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from their diverse backgrounds, they set out to create a lifestyle brand that seamlessly merges fashion and functionality.
BnF whishes to become synonymous with sophistication and style, offering a range of premium caps and headwear meticulously crafted from the finest materials. From sleek urban designs to rugged outdoor essentials, each piece bears the hallmark of Faiz and Bareera's meticulous attention to detail.
But what truly sets BnF apart is not just the quality of their products, but their commitment to celebrating individuality. Emblazoned accross their brand is their tagline, "Uniquely You", a reminder that each person is a canvas waiting to be adorned with their own personal style.
With their unwavering commitment to excellence, Bareera and Faiz aim to carve a niche in the fashion industry, becoming a go-to destination for those who value both style and substance. As their brand will gain traction in India, they envision their market to international level embodying the BnF ethos of quality and style.
They also envision collaborating with emerging designers and artists, further elevating BnF as a platform for creativity and expression.
In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Faiz and Bareera aim to remain steadfast in their dedication to BnF's core values of quality, innovation, and style, leaving an indelible mark on the world of headwear and beyond.